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Changing consumers minds in the moment.


There is a new generation of consumer that lives, thinks, and buys differently and has reshaped the way we have to market to them.  With over 20 years of experience in designing for consumer intent, we understand these new behaviors. Here are some examples of our work used in different types of uses cases for a variety of industries.


Captivate shoppers at the store shelf.

Project Name

of shoppers consult their phones before making a purchase in the store.


shoppers prefer a quick video over text offered by brands for information.


9 out of 10

Today’s wine club shipments have become expected. 

Instead of a brochure in a box, bring the winery experience to the home. This is an opportunity to closely connect with your members, reduce attrition, and trade up with a new way to engage by adding a QR Code in the box connected to the Captive Portal.

Turn any out-of-box experience into a visually magical one. Connect the Portal to your shopping cart and generate add-on sales!



A new out-of-box experience.

Rather than connect a QR code or label to a stagnant landing page or your home page, why not make it easy for shoppers to choose your brand with a captivating experience that moves them from why to buy right at the store shelf.

Turn any engagement or product into a self-selling tool!

Gathering employees together in today's virtual world at the same time in one room, printing and distributing materials, and following up with refresher training, can be daunting and expensive. Instead provide your staff with 24/7 self-paced training with educational videos that actually inspire them to be more productive from desktop or on mobile.

Add questionnaires and follow-up materials right from your own branded training portal. 


Self-paced training anytime, anywhere.


Bring more emotion to your fundraising.

Video is a great way to tell your story and your mission behind the need for your fundraising. It brings the emotion that text can never do and tugs at the heartstrings in a much more authentic way.

The Portal can be linked anywhere within your website, and with a simple "Give" button, it can drive donations.

of people who watch nonprofit videos go on to make a donation.


Project Name

A new way to convey your marketing messaging.


of consumers retain a message when they watch it on video compared to 10% with text.

Video brings more emotion into the moment by playing a significant role in creating those critical bonds and motivating consumers. They are more likely to take action and, in doing so, increase conversions, especially when compared to text-based messaging.

The way the Portal is designed makes it easy to follow a story, an organization's mission, values, and impact, showcase a brand, or communicate your brand's compelling "WHY".

Our average bounce rates are 2% - 3% with an average duration time of 7 minutes. A good Average Session Duration benchmark is considered between 2-4 minutes and an excellent bounce rate is considered at 26-40%.

Abstract Colorful Structure_edited.jpg

More authentic DtC outreach.


Project Name

This is your chance to make your outreach emails to be more than about free shipping or price discounts. Instead, tell your story in a new way and does not make the consumer to have to sift through your website to give them a reason to engage.


An email containing video can have up to a 90% open rate and 83.3% clickthrough rate, which is a 12.6% increase in engagement, compared to a text.



Project Name


Make text messages more interesting and engaging.

Unsubscribe rates are 5 times higher during the first 30 days after SMS opt-in than they are at any other point during the subscriber lifecycle. The initial opt-in flow providing the discount shouldn’t be the only messaging they receive from your brand during their first 30 days, regardless of whether they convert.

Obviously you want to give them the opportunity to buy, but to drive long-term retention, you also need to set expectations and ensure you deliver an engaging, high-quality experience.


Remember, you only get one chance to make a first impression!

Pam Novak
Senior Innovative Marketer
Wine Industry

"The Captive Portal platform is a beautiful tool to showcase your brand. It's a dedicated space that communicates your message in a very targeted way; creating a focused consumer journey without clutter of ads or other platform videos that can hijack your message. Additionally, Laurie is an editing genius. She honed in on creating a clear message and made the process simple and easy."

Jim Copacino
Creative Director, Strategist
Copacino Fujikado

"This team understands what motivates shoppers and has the proven skills and experience to motivate them where it matters most - where the purchase decision is made. This sets them apart from typical agencies and consultants that too often live in the abstract world of brand essence."

Craig Branigan
Former CEO, Young & Rubicon Worldwide Brand & Marketing 

"Unlike a lot of videos that can be overwhelming and a turnoff, these videos are simple, clear, concise, engaging, and motivating. Just the right balance to get someone to act on what they have learned rather just having the information go in one ear and out the other."
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