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Video creation for consumer intent.

Consumers want immediate answers.

QR Codes and other NFC technologies have grown significantly in popularity, but where they connect to falls flat. Instead of a meaningful and short video experience that 90% of consumers desire today, they are linked to either the brand’s homepage, directly to the shopping cart, or a long-scrolling landing page that is irrelevant to their needs in that moment.


What consumers expect are immediate answers with a unique and relevant experience that correlates to how that brand fits with their needs and lifestyle. When your answers aren’t there, they go to Google or YouTube to search for themselves. This is where brands lose control of the narrative during this most powerful moment, and the consumer ends up switching to another brand.

Moments do matter to consumers.

Moments do matter to consumers when they are looking to buy.  We call it the “4 Pillars of Engagement”, which is a decision-making process that the consumer goes through during that moment like at the store shelf, on your website, or an email campaign. This is the framework we use to create videos for the Captive Portal™.

Rows of Classical Columns








"What are others saying. Give me that one more reason to care."



"I see the value and now I'm ready to engage with you."

"You have my attention.
I want to keep watching."

"You've ignited my imagination. I like how this will impact my life."

We Do It All for You

Hiring an agency to produce even one video is expensive and time-consuming, and most importantly their structure is not scalable to support a multi-purpose video strategy. With our 20 years of experience, we will create the strategy and produce the videos at a fraction of the cost, enabling you to leverage them across your existing multi-channel platforms.

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