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Who We Are

We are a talented group of technologists, strategic thinkers, idea innovators, UX/UI designers, brand experts, and content creators that have come together in Silicon Valley to make great digital experiences happen.

Having worked with some of the most forward-thinking companies in the world, we have learned to push boundaries and explore innovative ideas that have contributed to a pivotal new way of delivering digital experiences.

Terry Pickett
Chief Creative Officer

Terry brings the creativity to the technology.

Terry has been a key partner of Cloud Media Works for the past three years identifying new use cases, matching his creativity and consumer marketing expertise with the technology, and bringing in opportunities to fully leverage the theater platform. Terry is a founder and principal of KAI2, a company with a "think different" approach to marketing and brand building that uses immersive technologies to deliver better consumer experiences and engagements.  

Terry has been an idea creator and innovator in the brand and marketing space his entire career. Prior to the founding of KAI2, Terry started Pickett Communications where his company became known as one of the top promotional and direct response agencies in Northern California and helped launch many successful brands and promotional campaigns for some of the world’s top companies. Terry’s clients included Apple where he helped them introduce the Macintosh Computer and AppleCare. At Bank of America, he designed the Bank of America Saturday Sale advertising campaign that resulted in over four billion dollars in deposits in one day. He also worked with well-known brands like DHL, Twentieth Century Fox, Symantec, Intuit, Xerox, SanDisk, and HP. Besides the tech industry and consumer packaged goods, Terry has worked with over 30 wine brands including designing the iconic Kendall-Jackson Vintners Reserve label with Jess Jackson and introducing Cambria and LaCrema wines. He also helped setup the first wine club in Napa Valley for Robert Mondavi Winery. 

Later, his agency became Pickett Advertising where Terry created many successful advertising and digital marketing campaigns for such clients like Long’s Drugs/CVS, Honda, and the Oakland Raiders. Prior to Pickett, Terry was involved in brand and marketing programs for leading global companies including, Pillsbury, Nestle, and McDonalds. 

Laurie Wilk
Head of Brand Experience & Content Creation

Laurie has been a key partner of Cloud Media Works for the past three years identifying new use cases, creating the content that aligns to the intended experience and the brand, and bringing in opportunities to fully leverage the theater platform. Laurie is a founder and principal of KAI2, a company with a “think different” approach to marketing and brand building that uses immersive technologies to deliver better consumer experiences and engagements.  


At KAI2, Laurie is responsible for marrying a strong brand strategy, content, and marketing programs with the human side of consumers and business buyers, which fully equips companies to outperform their goals.


Experience is the single-greatest differentiator for a company’s long-term success, yet everyone seems to be talking about brand experience or customer experience design, but many struggle with how to deliver an indispensable one. Laurie has a unique ability to uncover the underlying needs and motivations of prospects and customers and translate those insights into experiences that are transformative, inspiring, and profitable.


Prior to KAI2, Laurie began her career at Apple where she pioneered the first consumer insights group and led a worldwide cross-functional team that resulted in the redesign of products, customer services, and future innovations. After Apple, she worked with several complex technologies, consumer packaged goods firms, and well-known wineries to build customer-centric brands from the ground up, transform existing brands from sterile to imaginative, and create new brand experiences relevant to what customer’s desire. Marrying strong brand strategy and marketing programs with the humanistic side of customer behavior, Laurie has provided clients the ability to surpass their buyer’s needs, reach new markets, and identify new areas of revenue growth.


She has worked with a roster of companies to re-invent their customer’s experiences, including SanDisk, Western Digital, LivaNova Medical Devices, GreatCall, and a number of innovative startups.


Laurie injects human emotion into the consumer experience.

Galan makes sure we stay miles ahead of tech advances.

Galan Bridgman
Head of Media Technology

Galan’s strong engineering discipline has enabled Cloud Media Works to continually transform their platform and focus on the big picture in the overall direction of the technology. His vast knowledge ensures that CMW stays on top of the newest and greatest tools, so the company continues to be unique in what it offers and be able to scale for its customers.


From the beginning, Galan helped to create a self-service and white-labeled B2C curated video content OTT service for Cloud Media Works, including several innovations in user interactivity, including 360 video, QR code and SMS "Take It With You™" video sharing, and video fingerprint-driven bookmarking and content discovery.


Galan has been a pioneer in the digital media industry, beginning with the co-development of the prototype and the first 3 versions of QuickTime for Windows for Apple Computer.

He has worked at large corporations, including Microsoft as MVP of Digital Media for 5 years. He also works at many startups to transform their technology platforms. Revolutionizing the sports industry entertainment experience, at Thuuz Sports Galan helped lead the development of a specialized video ingest pipeline that performs Machine Learning analysis in real time and delivers automated highlight reels with a patent-pending playback technology. At xTV Networks, he held multiple roles in the corporate video / digital signage space. In one of these roles, he architected and implemented a full video ingest, transcoding and delivery platform using C#/.NET Azure Web Roles, Service Bus Queues and Azure Media Encoders. In another role, he implemented REST APIs, media management and video playback systems using Node.js, HTML 5 & CSS 3, Bootstrap 3, Strongloop, and JWPlayer that plays content in Adaptive MP4, HLS, and MPEG-DASH formats.

Don Kadish
User Experience Architect

Don can solve any UI challenge that comes his way and make it better.

Don's deep understanding of users, what they need, what they value, their abilities and limitations, has enabled him to improve the quality of the user’s interactions for a frictionless user experience.


Don has worked at Fortune 500 companies like SanDisk, Western Digital, and GoPro where he has used his vast experience in ideation, research and development, and product management. This enabled him to bring some of the most complex products and consumer packaged goods to market, define new market segments, and bring in new streams of revenue.


At Western Digital and SanDisk, Don was able to redefine what was possible in the storage category. He took the consumer’s experience beyond a commodity and transformed it into a full solution to where they could not only store masses amount of data, but were also able to access ways to do more with their content. Don created the “Do More Platform” for their customers to deepen engagement with the brand and create new services revenue. This was a place for consumers to discover apps through a very intuitive interface that enabled them to create more imaginative ways to use and distribute their content.


Don built ecosystems from the ground up consisting of partners and developers, which were the backbone for companies like GoPro, SanDisk and Western Digital, to up-level the customer’s experience with their brand that went beyond the product itself.  This included defining the user experience and toolkit requirements to enable connectivity between third party app developers and the client’s products, and building the e-commerce marketplace, resulting in greater brand awareness and new product activations.

He was also a part of transforming the world of film and tape onto flash memory storage with wireless sharing and the next generation of smart phone devices.

Meet The Team

Drew Anderson
CEO & Founder

Drew is digitally transforming the experience of how people view media.

Drew has been a serial entrepreneur for the past 30 years. He is a visionary when it comes to advanced technology and an accomplished software architect in cyber security, artificial intelligence, digital media, mobile, peer-to-peer, eCommerce, micropayment, just to name few.

Drew has co-founded many startups, helped raise money, and helped some of them go public. Achievements include creating the core technology and intellectual property as the co-founder and COO of ZillionTV Corporation. He helped raise over $50 Million in VC and strategic investment. Drew also co-founded the startup media streaming company XTV. As CTO, he wrote the patents, built the teams, delivered the product and helped to take the company public on the Australian Stock Exchange. As CTO at HitLab, Inc., an independent music label, he helped build the ‘Can-U-Sing’ software that took 6 artists to the Grammy’s. Drew was an early peer-to-peer technology pioneer. As President of Gnuterra, he managed business and technical development for Morpheus peer-to-peer software, where he helped grow it to the 3rd most downloaded software of all time, with over 132 million users globally.


Credited as key inventor in more than a half dozen patents, Drew has created a wide array of IP for companies ranging from helping to develop the W3C WAP specification, to developing IP around clean-tech systems and digital distribution systems for music, TV and Film, spanning from advertising to user experience, and including business models, rewards, and social networking. Drew is also on the Board of Advisors at the Music Preservation Project, a non-profit dedicated to preserving endangered music archives and creating a cultural resource for educators and students. 


We have worked together for a long time and have a passion and love for what we do. It shows in our work and how we collaborate with our clients. For us, the measure of success goes beyond the project engagement. We dive deep, listen, think differently, and invest in our clients as true partners.

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